Sunday 24 September 2017


2017 0924 39  Homeopathic Cures: Cantharis Q [Mother Tincture]

As an external remedy Cantharis will prevent blisters forming in cases of accidents by fire [burns or injuries from heated solids & scalds or injuries from heated liquids] if applied with sufficient promptness. In all cases of burns or scalds, one of the first things to do is, to prevent the air from access to the injured surface for which cotton wool or cotton of close texture is required. The tender skin of children is often roughened and scaled by exposure to cold winds. Make a lotion, by adding 5 drops of Cantharis tincture to 250 ml of water; with this sponge the exposed skin keeping it wet by repeated application. Internal treatment -- one globule of Cantharis 200c.

Cases* illustrative of the homeopathic healing of burns and scalds:

A lad aged fifteen was scalded on the right leg from near the knee down to the instep. In taking off his stocking it was noticed that several blisters have formed, a large one round the heel and three smaller ones. He was treated with Cantharis lotion. No pain remained after 24 hours.  No fresh blisters and in those already formed, the fluid was absorbed. In four days his leg was quite well and he attended his work as usual.

A little girl two years old fell with her right arm upon a hot poker. The skin did not appear much injured; she soon ceased crying and little notice was taken of the circumstance. The next day, however, she was very feverish and complained of sore arm. Cantharis lotion was now applied and one globule of Cantharis given internally. This treatment lessened the pain and reduced the fever. Eventually she became alright. This should teach that promptness and care are very desirable in such cases.


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Let me give an illustration of the efficacy of Cantharis Q in the treatment of scalds from my personal life.  This accident happened in the late 1970's; it was a weekend. Rice cooking was over in a pressure cooker; I went to switch off the gas stove. All of a sudden, the pressure valve gave way and a steaming jet of cooked rice issued forth from the cooker and covered my face and head in no time.  

I had the presence of mind to take out a large basin, filled it with water, pour some Cantharis tincture into it; dipped a nice towel into it; and applied it to my face and head, keeping them wet with the lotion. Internally, I took one globule of Cantharis 200c. I was normal the next day. 


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