Sunday 10 September 2017


2017 0910 37  Homeopathic Home Remedies for First-Aid Kit

HOMEOPATHIC HOME REMEDIES consist of a basic set of homeopathic single remedies, which help in treating all types of aches and pains, boils, cuts and bruises, insect bites, and many common ailments. Each single remedy is marked with its key indications. 

Homeopathic medicines have no harmful side-effects, have no expiry dates when stored safely away from strong odors and sunlight, and are cheap [hence no duplicates].

For external application: [Mother tinctures 10ml bottles with droppers]

01  Calendula Q [for cuts with laceration, open or surface wounds]
02  Cantharis Q  [for burns and scalds] 

For internal intake: [10 ml bottles globules 200c potency]

01  Arnica [injuries, bruise and shock, backache with lameness and soreness]
02  Rhus-tox [rheumatic pains, lumbago, getting wet, sprains from overlifting]

03  Hypericum [nerves affected when fingers are crushed or nails are torn off] 
04  Ledum-pal [punctured wounds by rusty nail, insect bites]

05  Hep-sulph [croupy cough, boils which suppurate, felons, quinsy]
06  Apis-mel [bee-sting with burning pain and swelling]

07  Silicea [corns, expulsion of foreign bodies from wounds]
08  Staphisagria [incised wounds, toothache]

09  Gelsimium [sunstroke, nervous prostration, face-ache]
10  Cocculus [travel sickness, sea sickness]

11  Aconite [cold, fever, tension, newborn does not urinate]
12  Arsenicum-album [food posoning, poisonous insect bites]

13  Nux-vomica [after overeating, indigestion, constipaion]
14  Pulsatilla [earache, menstrual colic, after eating undigestable food]

15  Belladona [fever, burning pain, headache]
16  Bryonia [joint pains, worse from movement]

17  Merc-sol [dysentery, toothache]

18  Sulphur [skin complaints, when selected remedies fail]


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