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2018 0624 25  Healing Herbs: For Blood Sugar - Diabetes

Best Herbs and Spices for lowering Blood Sugar

We live in a world where prescription medicine is getting more and more expensive as well as controversial. Alternative medicine is gaining momentum and with good reason! The same is true for treatments for diabetes type 2. You have therapies that can reverse diabetes through lifestyle and diet changes, natural supplements that can help stabilize blood sugar levels, and also herbs that lower blood sugar. Not only are these alternative therapies safer, but they are also easier on your pocket, on your body and mind.

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is necessary for the body’s overall health. Erratic blood sugar levels can affect the body’s ability to function normally and even lead to complications if left unchecked. Some herbs and spices found in nature do a tremendous job of naturally lowering blood sugar levels, making them a boon for diabetics and pre-diabetics. What’s more, being nature’s multi-taskers, herbs and spices also produce overall health benefits beyond just helping balance blood sugar.
Let us look at some of the best herbs that lower blood sugar, along with a few spices: 
Gymnema Sylvestre
Gymnema Sylvestre
Gymnema Sylvestre is one of the most powerful herbs for treating high blood glucose – both type 1 and 2 diabetics. It promotes glucose utilization in the cells thus lowering blood glucose. It also prevents the liver from releasing more glucose into the blood stream, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.

Gymnema Sylvestre is used in traditional Indian medicine since the 6th century BC. The leaves of this plant contain ‘gymnemic acids’ that have the amazing ability to slow down the transport of glucose from the intestines to the bloodstream. 

According to studies, cinnamon may have a positive effect on the glycemic control and the lipid profile in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2. This is because it contains 18% polyphenol content in dry weight. This popular Indian spice can improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control. 

This spice contains 30% of the antioxidant phenol in dry weight, along with antioxidants anthocyanins and quercetin. As a result, cloves have antiseptic as well as germicidal properties. It also offers anti-inflammatory, analgesic and digestive health benefits for diabetics.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves
Curry leaves help to stabilize blood glucose levels and impact carbohydrate metabolism. Curry leaves contain a phytochemical that can help control blood sugar level in patients with Diabetes type 2 by reducing fasting and postprandial blood sugar level. Also, the amazing antioxidant properties of curry leaves can boost pancreatic cell production, thereby improving insulin function.


Oral administration of Garlic significantly decrease serum glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides, urea, uric acid, creatinine, AST and ALT levels. Garlic also helps reduce high cholesterol levels, a complication that diabetics often face. This makes it an excellent spice to use for in all recipes!


A spice that is popular for soothing your stomach and aiding digestion, Ginger also has the ability to normalize blood sugar levels. Ginger extract can have a significant anti-hyperglycemic effect. It lowers serum total cholesterol, triglycerides and increases the HDL-cholesterol levels. Diabetes is a digestive disorder. Diabetics often face issues with acid reflux. Ginger soothes the entire digestive tract, giving diabetics another reason to add ginger to their supplement regimen.


Turmeric has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that all come together to help diabetics manage more stable blood sugar levels. It helps boost immunity and prevent infections that diabetics are often vulnerable to. 

Many diabetics also suffer from arthritis, since the sugar laden blood and inflammatory processes typical to diabetes often damage joints. Turmeric, with its anti-inflammatory abilities, also helps with these joint pains.


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2018 0617 24  Healing Herbs: For Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

Garlic - helps to break up toxins. You know toxin buildup leads to abnormal blood pressure and heart problems. Garlic stimulates blood circulation and is best herbs for the digestive system.

Arjuna – is a famous cardiac tonic, it is used to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and for heart conditions. Traditionally used to support circulation and oxygenation of tissues. It acts similar to the beta-blocker, also a powerful antioxidant and protects liver. 

Sarpagandha - has sedative and anti-hypertension property, thus for centuries, it is in use for the treatment of hypertension by traditional Indians. 

Punarnava - is an excellent natural diuretic, anti-inflammatory, mild laxative and heart tonic. It is useful in treating obesity, to improve appetite, jaundice, and general fever. According to Chinese’s medicine, blood pressure has a relation with kidney malfunction. 

Coriander - is a good diuretic, it makes your kidneys perform their roles of excretion better and thus lowers high blood pressure. 

Ashwagandha – is a sedative, diuretic, adaptogen, rejuvenating tonic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, and immune booster. It is especially good in stress-related disorders such as arthritis, hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, and general debility. 

Ginkgo Biloba - can improve blood circulation by dilating arteries and reducing blood pressure. Gingko also aids in improving memory and mental alertness because of increased blood flow to the brain. 

Hawthorn’s berry - opens coronary arteries, improve blood flow, and lower blood pressure. Hawthorn lessens artery hardening and strengthens heart muscle making it more effective in delivering blood to the body. 

Ginger - lowers the blood pressure by relaxing muscles surrounding blood vessels. Commonly used in Asian cooking. Ginger is also a powerful digestive herb helps relieve uneasiness and nausea. 


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2018 0610 23  Healing Herbs: Arugampul [Durva or Bermuda Grass]                                                    

Everyone knows about Bermuda Grass or Cynodon dactylon which grows all over the world. Bermuda Grass or Durva Grass [Arugampul] has many health benefits and has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine in India for thousands of years for many ailments… and the juice is also called Arugampul juice in Tamil.
Alkalizing – Durva Grass juice is great for alkalizing the body thus helping to prevent acidosis that eventually creates inflammation and then opens the door to the creation of disease.
Detoxing – Durva Grass is a good detoxing agent, helps to cleans the liver and cells of the body and blood with chlorophyll.
Anemia – Durva Grass juice contains over 65% chlorophyll and hence it has the ability to boost hemoglobin and red blood cell production, thus helping with anemia.
Diabetes – Juicing Durva Grass with a few Neem Leaves is great for lowering and stabilizing blood sugar… and Durva Grass juice by itself lowers and stabilises blood sugar.
Great for Acidic Stomach and Indigestion – Durva Grass juice is great for lowering stomach acids thus helping with gastric ulcers, gastritis, and gastrolgia. Most people have seen dogs eating grass and there’s a reason why… it helps with GI distress.
Diuretic – Durva Grass juice is a good diuretic helping to detox the body and get rid of excess water retention. And being a good diuretic it helps to flush out kidney stones and helps with urinary tract infections.
Lung Problems – Durva Grass juice opens up the lungs and clears away congestion… making it great for colds, flues, asthma, and bronchitis.
Stops Bleeding – Durva Grass juice stops nose bleeds, GI bleeding, helps with excessive menstrual bleeding, and more.
Skin – Durva Grass juice rubbed on the skin helps with minor rashes, irritations, and a paste of Durv Grass stops the bleeding of skin wounds. Also boiling Durva Grass with coconut oil and licorice root for 15 minutes and applying to the skin helps with eczema. And Durva Grass paste mixed with turmeric powder works well for fungal infections.
Hunger – Durva Grass juice helps those who suffer from constant hunger, thus helping with obesity.
Contains – Durva Grass contains some crude protein, phosphorus and calcium for strong teeth and bones, potassium for water regulation and heart health, manganese for enzyme production, plus fiber for creating a good environment for probiotic growth in the colon (if the whole plant is consumed).
Antioxidants – Durva Grass contains Vitamin’s A and C which are great antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. Also palmitic acid like that found in coconut oil which helps with atherosclerosis.
Making Juice – Take a large amount of washed Bermuda Grass tops without the roots and add coconut water or filtered water and juice in a wheat grass juicer. Drink the juice first thing in the morning, and do not eat anything else for a couple hours to make sure the juice has a chance to do its job without being diluted. A wheat grass juicer works well for juicing Bermuda Grass.
Alternate Method of Making Juice – Durva Grass juice can also be made by using a regular blender and then straining the juice through a fine strainer or cheese cloth. Add a little honey or stevia if you like the juice sweeter, but fresh Durva Grass juice is very refreshing and tasty by itself.
Powerful Mixture – Durva Grass juice mixed with a little fresh turmeric and a little honey or stevia is a powerful, refreshing, and soothing drink.
Dose – Drink at least one large glass of Durva Grass juice daily as needed on an empty stomach.


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2018 0603 22  Healing Herbs: Holy Basil or Tulsi 

The health benefits of "Holy Basil", also known as Tulsi, include oral care, relief from respiratory disorders, as well as treatment of feverasthma, lungs disorder and heart diseases, to name a few. 

Holy Basil, which has the scientific name Ocimum sanctum is undoubtedly one of the best medicinal herbs that have been discovered.  It has endless medicinal values and has been worshiped and highly valued in India for thousands of years. Tulsi is commonly found in two varieties – the green coloured Lakshmi tulsi and the purple hued Krishna tulsi.

Even going close to a Tulsi plant can protect you from many infections. A few leaves dropped in drinking water or food can purify and kill the germs within as well. Even smelling it or keeping it planted in a pot indoors can protect the whole family from infections, cough, cold, and other viral infections.

These applications are not at all exaggerated. It has been an age-old custom in India to worship it two times a day, water it, and light lamps near it in the morning and evening. It was and still is, believed to protect the whole family from evil and bring good luck. Basil leaves have also been an essential part of all worship ceremonies since ancient times. These practices are not superstitious as they actually have sufficient scientific reasoning behind them. Keeping in view the ultra-disinfectant and germicidal properties of this legendary herb, wise people devised these customs to bring people into contact with this plant every day, so that they may keep safe from day-to-day infections.
Cures Fever
The miraculous healing properties of Holy basil come mainly from its essential oils and the phytonutrients in it. Holy basil is an excellent antibiotic, germicidal, fungicidal, and disinfectant agent and very effectively protects our body from all sorts of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. It is an old practice in India to have a decoction of tulsi leaves and flowers in case anyone is suffering from a fever.
Cures Respiratory Disorders
Tulsi, along with curing viral, bacterial, and fungal infections of the respiratory system, gives miraculous relief from congestion due to the presence of components like camphene, eugenol, and cineole in its essential oils. It is very effective in curing almost all respiratory disorders including bronchitis, both chronic and acute.
Treats Asthma
Tulsi is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma since it relieves congestion and facilitates smoother breathing. The phytonutrients and essential oils, along with the other minerals in it, help cure some of the underlying causes of asthma as well.
Prevents Lung Disorders
The compounds like Vitamin C, camphene, eugenol, and cineole present in the essential oils of tulsi not only cure the infections in the lungs but also cure the congestion in them. Furthermore, they are found to be effective in healing the damages caused to the lungs due to smoking and tuberculosis, and prevents lung cancer. It also helps to cure tuberculosis due to its antibiotic properties.
Prevents Heart Diseases
Holy basil contains vitamin C and other antioxidants such as eugenol, which protect the heart from the harmful effects of free radicals. Additionally, eugenol is very beneficial in reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood.
Reduces Stress
Vitamin C and other antioxidants in Holy Basil, apart from repairing damages done by free radicals, also minimize the stress caused by these oxidants. They soothe the nerves, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and thus reduce stress. Potassium in Tulsi, also reduces blood pressure-related stress by replacing sodium and loosening the tensed blood vessels.
Mouth Freshener
Tulsi is an excellent mouth freshener and an oral disinfectant and its freshness last for a very long time. Holy Basil destroys more than 99% of germs and bacteria in the mouth and this effect can last all day. It also cures ulcers in the mouth. Finally, it is known to inhibit the growth of oral cancer which can be caused by chewing tobacco.
Prevents Kidney Stones
Tulsi, being a detoxifier and a mild diuretic, helps to reduce the uric acid level in the body, which is the main culprit as far as kidney stones are concerned. It also helps clean out the kidneys through increased frequency of urination. Acetic acid and certain components in Tulsi essential oil facilitate dissolution of the stones. Finally, it has pain-killer effects and helps bear the pain from kidney stones as they pass.

Skin Care
Try taking a bath with a decoction of Holy basil mixed with your bath water, washing your face with it, or simply applying the paste of its leaves on an infected area of the skin in case of skin diseases. Rubbing holy basil leaves or its extracted oil on the body keeps mosquitoes and other insects away. It cures skin disorders both internally and externally, without any side effects. 

Prevents Premature Aging

Vitamin C and A, phytonutrients, and the essential oils in Holy Basil are excellent antioxidants and protect the body from nearly all the damages caused by free radicals in the body, which are hazardous byproducts of cellular metabolism that are responsible for a wide swath of diseases, including cancer. In the traditional Indian medicine system called Ayurveda, it is considered as a tonic to retain youthful vigor and avoid premature aging.


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2018 0527 21  Avvaiyar: Nalvazhi நல்வழி 

வெண்பா : 2
சாதி இரண்டொழிய வேறில்லை சாற்றுங்கால்
நீதி வழுவா நெறிமுறையின் - மேதினியில்
இட்டார் பெரியார் இடாதார் இழிகுலத்தார்
பட்டாங்கில் உள்ள படி.
saadhi irandozhiya verillai saarrungaal
neethi vazhuvaa nerimuraiyin methiniyil
ittaar periyaar idaathaar izhikulaththaar
pattaangil ulla padi

உண்மை நெறிப்படி கூறுவதாயின், உலகத்தில் பிறந்த மனிதர்களில் இரண்டு வகை ஜாதியினர் தான் உள்ளனர். ஒருவர் அடுத்தவருக்கு கொடுத்து உதவும் நல்ல குணம் படைத்த மேலோர், மற்றொருவர் தன்னிடம் உள்ளவற்றை அடுத்தவருக்கு கொடுத்து உதவாத கீழோர்..மேலோர் கண்ட நீதி நெறி நூலில் சொல்லப்பட்ட விஷயம் இது தான், இதை நன்றாக உணர்ந்து கொள்.

English Translation
There are only two classes of people on this earth
based on the principle of natural justice
Those who give belong to the upper class
and those who do not belong to the lower.

வெண்பா : 5
வருந்தி அழைத்தாலும் வாராத வாரா
பொருந்துவன போமி(ன்) என்றால் போகா - இருந்தேங்கி
நெஞ்சம் புண்ணாக நெடுந்தூரம் தாம்நினைந்து
துஞ்சுவதே மாந்தர் தொழில்.
நாம் மனம் வருந்தி அழைத்தாலும், நமக்கு என்று இல்லாத பொருள் நமக்கு கிடைக்காது, அது போல் ஒன்றை வேண்டாம் என்று சொன்னாலும் அது நம்மை விட்டு போகாது, அனைத்து காரியங்களும், உறவுகளும் நாம் செய்த பாவம், புண்ணியம் என்ற இரண்டு விசயங்களின் மூலமே அமைகிறது, இதை உணராமல் தினம் தினம் புலம்பி, நெஞ்சம் வருந்துவது மனிதர்களின் இயல்பு.

varunthi azhaiththaalum vaaraatha vaaraa
porunthuvana poamin endraal poagaa irunthengi
nenjam punnaaga nedunthooram thaamninaindhu
thunjuvathe maanthar thozhil

English Translation
The things that you desire, you will not get,
The things that you want rid of, will not go away
It is fate, but the nature of mankind is to worry long
till the heart aches and the body suffers.




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2018 0520 20  Avvaiyar: Moothurai ஔவையார்: மூதுரை

Avvaiyar's Moothurai (Time honoured wisdom ) in English

Avvaiyar was an exceptional poetess who poured out percepts and dictums
that are relevant even to this date.

Here are a few samples of Avvaiyar's 'Time honoured wisdom' (Moothurai): 

மூதுரை - ஒளவையார்

கடவுள் வாழ்த்து

வாக்குண்டாம் நல்ல மனம் உண்டாம் மாமலராள்
நோக்கு உண்டாம் மேனி நுடங்காது-பூக்கொண்டு
துப்பார் திருமேனித் தும்பிக்கையான் பாதம்
தப்பாமல் சார்வார் தமக்கு.


Those who take unswerving refuge  .. ..
at the snouted Lord's feet would be blessed 
with solace, good soul and the grace of ..
Laskhmi the goddess of wealth 


1.நன்றி ஒருவர்க்குச் செய்தக்கால் அந் நன்றி
'என்று தருங்கொல்?' என வேண்டா- நின்று
தளரா வளர் தெங்கு தாள் உண்ட நீரைத்
தலையாலே தான் தருதலால்.


Never expect gratitude shown to be returned
for just as a rising unweary palm tree ..
returns water taken along feet (roots ) ..
through head (coconut) - one would return gratitude 

2.நல்லார் ஒருவர்க்குச் செய்த உபகாரம்
கல்மேல் எழுத்துப் போல் காணுமே- அல்லாத
ஈரமிலா நெஞ்சத்தார்க்கு ஈந்த உபகாரம்
நீர் மேல் எழுத்துக்கு நேர்.

Help given to grateful people are 
like an etch on  a rock - opposed to it...
help given  to insensitive people 
are  a writing on water 

3.இன்னா இளமை வறுமை வந்து எய்தியக் கால்
இன்னா அளவில் இனியவும்- இன்னாத
நாள் அல்லா நாள் பூத்த நன் மலரும் போலுமே
ஆள் இல்லா மங்கைக்கு அழகு.  

Affluence accrued in old age can not
relieve poverty suffered in youth
Similarly a nubile woman sans a lover
is like a flower bloomed past season 

4.அட்டாலும் பால் சுவையில் குன்றாது அளவளாய்
நட்டாலும் நண்பு அல்லார் நண்பு அல்லர்
கெட்டாலும் மேன்மக்கள் மேன்மக்களே சங்கு
சுட்டாலும் வெண்மை தரும்.  

Overheated milk never loses taste 
A debauch will never be a good friend  
Noble men remain noble even in penury
like conch shells remain white even when burnt 

5.அடுத்து முயன்றாலும் ஆகும் நாள் அன்றி
எடுத்த கருமங்கள் ஆகா-தொடுத்த
உருவத்தால் நீண்ட உயர்மரங்கள் எல்லாம்
பருவத்தால் அன்றிப் பழா.  

Recurrent attempts don't succeed 
until the right time comes 
Even trees that grow taller don't..
bear fruits until the season comes 

6.உற்ற இடத்தில் உயிர் வழங்கும் தன்மையோர்
பற்றலரைக் கண்டால் பணிவரோ?-கல்தூண்
பிளந்து இறுவது அல்லால் பெரும் பாரம் தாங்கின்
தளர்ந்து விளையுமோ தான்.  

A person ready to lay his life- if needed...
be meek  to foes?- a load bearing column
will only break with excessive load ..
it would never bend or arc 

7.நீர் அளவே ஆகுமாம் நீர் ஆம்பல்; தான் கற்ற
நூல் அளவே ஆகுமாம் நுண் அறிவு-மேலைத்
தவத்து அளவே ஆகுமாம் தான் பெற்ற செல்வம்
குலத்து அளவே ஆகும் குணம்.  

Just as lily rises to the level of water in a tank
One’s knowledge depends on the books he reads
One’s wealth depends on his previous birth’s virtues
One’s moral fibre depends on his race 

8.நல்லாரைக் காண்பதுவும் நன்றே; நலம்மிக்க
நல்லார் சொல் கேட்பதுவும் நன்றே-நல்லார்
குணங்கள் உரைப்பதுவும் நன்றே; அவரோடு
இணங்கி இருப்பதுவும் நன்று.

It is good to see well-disposed people
It is good to listen to their counsels
It is good to talk about their lives ..
It is good to have them as friends


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