Sunday 24 November 2013


2013-43  Personal Development: 5 Keys to Success and Happiness

[After repeated study of a wide range of books on Personal Development  from the Taittriya Upanishad and the Bhagavad Gita to Napoleon Hill and Stephen Covey, over the years (1962-2012), I evolved the following 5 keys of success and happiness, which I am happy to share with you all, now.]

                     5 Keys to Success and Happiness

   1.  ACCEPT; BELIEVE; Improve. 
          Acknowledge BLESSINGS with Gratitude.                                            AB

     2.  CONCENTRATE on your Duties Now; Live TODAY
          with ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM and an EVEN-MIND.
     3.  Set Goals;  Plan; Prioritize;
          PERFORM and PERSEVERE.                                                                PP    
     4.  LEARN, LIVE, LOVE;
          Give, Forgive.                                                                                              LL
     5.  Hear GOOD, See GOOD;
          Think GOOD, Talk GOOD, Do GOOD.                                                  5G


 Practice these 5 Keys  for guarantied Success and Happiness in Life!  

5 Keys to Success AB CE PP LL 5G


Sunday 17 November 2013


2013-42 Homeopathic Healing Art: "12+ Basic Healers in Homeopathy"

First-Aid Kit for Accidents & Emergencies
[Visualize a middle class family of four members with no medical bill for common ailments for four decades plus!  It is ours!  Thanks to the miracles wrought by "12+ Basic Healers in Homeopathy"!  Only the remedies have increased from 12+ to 120+ over the years!

I am an amateur Homeopath from 1972. I learnt the Principles and Practice of Homeopathy from an able and uncommon Hahnemannian Homeopath. My preceptor led me to the original Masters of the Healing Art through their classical works*. And they guide me even today! ]

The Basic 12+ Healers described below cover the most common ailments and minor injuries for all -- infants, children, adults and elders. You may learn the usage of these 12+ healers within an hour and start using them from TODAY!

My Basic First Aid Kit ** contains the following 12+ Healers:
[200c potency, no.20 globulesin 8 ml bottles]

01 Arnica [blow or fall, sprain, surgical shock, jet-lag]
02 Rhus-tox [complaints from getting wet, sprain, lumbago] 

03 Hypericum [crushed fingers/toes, to prevent tetanus]
04 Ledum-pal [punctured wounds, poisonous bites], 

05 Nux-vom [overeating, constipation, drug abuse], 
06 Pulsatilla [ear-ache, menstrual colic, after rich food],

07 Aconite [fever, fright],
08 Ars-Alb [food poisoning, poisonous bites]

09 Belladonna [throbbing headache]
10 Bryonia [joint-pain, gout]

[tinctures in 8ml bottles with droppers]

11 Calendula Q [open wounds, abraded skin] 
12 Cantharis Q [burns and scalds] 

Other Remedies [initial set]:

13 Chamomilla [toothache, colic of children], 
14 Hepar-sulph [Abscesses, Boils, Inflamed wounds,Sore throat]

15 Apis mel [stinging pain, swelling; burning dribbling urine]
16 Ferr-phos [fever, haemorrhage,conjestive headache]


Pictures of the Original Sources and Brief Descriptions of the Basic 12 Healers:


01 ARNICA  - Foremost remedy for accidents and injuries. Sore, bruised condition after blows/falls, blood clot, contusion, concussion, surgical shock. Sprains and strains, over-exhaustion, sleeplessness, night-watching; jet lag


02 RHUS-TOX - Routine remedy for complaints after getting wet. Weakness of joints after sprains. It follows Arnica. Violent pains in the back; especially lumbar region, as if the back were broken.  Gout, Lumbago. 


03 HYPERICUM - Remedy for injuries that are rich in nerves, like crushed fingers/toes. Specific for injury to the coccyx. Routine remedy after any surgery. Prevents tetanus.


04 LEDUM-PAL - Remedy for Punctured wounds, Wounds from rusty nails, needles, Insect and animal bites, wasp stings. 


   05 NUX VOM – Remedy for discomfort due to overeating. Constipation; Piles. Remedy for Hangovers. Drug abuse.


 06 PULSATILLA – Remedy for Earache Menstrual complaints; Ailments from fat, rich food, Toothache


               07 ACONITE - Complaints caused by Fright and fear of death   Coughs, colds, chills, fevers that come on suddenly. Croup arising from exposure to dry, cold air. Screaming with pain.


08 ARSENICUM ALBUM  - Remedy for food poisoning with diarrhoea and vomiting.  Poisonous bites. Midnight to 1 am aggravation.


09 BELLADONNA  - Remedy for Throbbing headaches and mild sunstroke.  For Fever with great heat; follows Aconite well. 


10 BRYONIA - Remedy for Red swollen, shiny joints, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow. For dry fever, dry cough. 


11 CALENDULA  tincture - A great antiseptic. For all infections and inflammations where flesh is torn. Prevents pus formation. 


12 CANTHARIS - Remedy for Burns and scalds before blisters form. Burning sensation while passing urine, drop by drop.

* Books for constant study and reference:
[ To download / read online any of the following 10 books, just click on the title.]

** Placing orders for supply of standard homeopathic medicines and books:

For the supply of homeopathic first aid kits, other medicines and books, one may contact any reputed homeo pharmacy, or as I do, send a mail or call, "Homeo Service Centre", #3, Vazha Valamudan Street, Dindigul, Tamilnadu 624 001, owned by Er K Jeyagopal, BE [0452-2423311, 9150302904,  jeyakrishnanj].  KJ's is a non-profit making/service organization doing unparalleled service to society.  Long live KJ for his dedicated and ennobling service for the cause of Homeopathy!


Sunday 10 November 2013


2013-41  Homeopathic Healing Art: Dr Samuel Hahnemann

Dr Samuel Hahnemann [1755-1843]
Homeopathy cures [restores health to] the sick [individual] quickly, gently and permanently by the minimal dose of a single remedy [at a time], that is potentised, proven, and is based on the Law of Similars.

5 Basic Principles of  Homeopathy:

1. Law of Similars 
[Similia Similibus; Likes with Likes]
2. Proven Remedy
[on Healthy Humans]
3. Potentised Remedy 
[made more powerful by Succussion/Trituration]
4. Single Remedy 
[No Combination/Mixture]
5. Minimal Dose 
[Very Minute Dose]

Organon of Medicine by Dr S Hahnemann
The Heart of Homeopathy is Dr Samuel Hahnemann's Magnum Opus "Organon of Medicine" [1810, 1819, 1824, 1829, 1833 & 1842 6th Edition]. It contains 291 aphorisms such as: 
S1  The physician's high and only mission is to restore health to [cure] the sick [individual]. 
S 2   The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.
S 3   If the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in every individual case of disease, [knowledge of disease]; if he clearly perceives what is curative in medicines [knowledge of medicinal powers]; and if he knows how to adapt, according to clearly defined principles, what is curative in medicines to what is morbid in the patient, [choice of the remedyas also in respect of the quantity of it required [proper dose]; if, finally, he knows the obstacles to recovery in each case and is aware how to remove them, then he is  true practitioner of the healing art.

Homeopathic Healing Art
comprises 3 essential steps, namely: 
1.Knowledge of the Disease 2.Knowledge of the Medicines and Choice of the Remedy 3.Proper Administration of the Remedy. For the choice of the remedy [step 2], there are 100's of reference books on Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory. But for the knowledge of the disease [step 1] and for the proper administration of the remedy [step 3], the one and only authoritative reference is Dr Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine.

For an authentic and exhaustive account of the life and achievements of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, one should study Dr Richard Haehl's classical book "Samuel Hahnemann His Life and Work".


Here is a YouTube Slide Show dedicated to Dr Samuel Hahnemann, Founder of Homoeopathy. It is an eye opener to all budding Homoeopaths and will help them take right decisions about their future. Courtesy: Dr Rahul Kolamkar, Amravati, India. 


Sunday 3 November 2013


2013-40   Inspiring Lives -- Nick Vujicic -- God's Miraculous Plan

"Why God, was I born this way?" That's the question Nick Vujicic wondered at, after being born without limbs. 

Nick discovered God's miraculous plan for his life as a worldwide evangelist sharing the message of redemption through Jesus Christ. 

Watch and discover how you can be a part of Nick's goal to preach to every single soul on the planet: 7 billion people!