Professor S. Raghunathan, MTech from IIT, KGP, is the former Director of Computer Centre, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. He is a great lover of books and a principled teacher. He has varied interests – Books, Music, Education, Philosophy and Holistic Medicine. He has a wonderful collection of books and carnatic music. He is soft-spoken and is an inspiring counsellor.  After retirement, he lives in Bangalore. Mobile: 99029 52539.

I first came into contact with him through my colleague and friend, Mr.Srividhya. I found that we shared common interests in book collection and Homeopathy. These strengthened our friendship. He used to visit Health Institute, Karaikudi, and deliver lectures on various aspects of Homeopathy, which we found highly interesting and useful. Then we used to exchange notes about books. 

He has been showing interest in my blogs, which is a great encouragement to me. During the initial days of my blogging, he gave me an interview, which finds a place in my blog, BOOKS, BOOKS AND BOOKS. 

He sends me links to great ebooks regularly. I am very grateful to him for all his encouragement and I cherish his friendship. May God bless him!

1. What are your interests? What type of books do you read?
My interests are Books, Music, Philosophy, Education and Medicine. I study books which are inspirational and ennobling.

3. You are a busy man. How do you find time to read books or when do you generally read books? Is there a specific time which you devote to books?
I get up around 3 am and study up to 6 am daily. Whenever I am free and alone, I spend the time with books.

4. Which is your all-time favourite book(s)? Why?
and Arian’s DISCOURSESOF EPICTETUS                     
They teach us how to live life fully.

5. Who is your favourite writer(s)? Why?
My favourite writer is Rajaji. His books are all inspirational. His words are simple and at once powerful.

6. Is there an unforgettable book in your life?
My most unforgettable book is ENCHIRIDION OF EPICTETUS.

7. Why do you call it unforgettable?
ENCHIRIDION taught me 'the art of living', especially, sections 1, 5, 11, 33, and 46.

8. Is there a book which you read again and again? If so, why?
I study repeatedly, James Allen's BYWAYS OF BLESSEDNESS
to draw inspiration and to recharge my personality.

9. Is there a book(s) which you feel everybody should read?
Those who study James Allen's BYWAYS OF BLESSEDNESS and live accordingly will be a blessing to the world around them.

10. Would you like to say something or add anything else to this interview?
Books like BHAGAVADGITA and THIRUKKURAL are like PRANA, so essential to life, that they are always taken for granted!



  1. thank you sir for your noble thinking to share and frankly speaking about the book you like much.hope that you can inform us often just to enjoy learning and achieving perfection for the benefit of society and human beings.

  2. Namakarams mama.
    Great effort by you.


  3. Namakarams mama.
    Great effort by you.