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2017 0903 36  A Catechism of Samuel Hahnemann's Organon: Dr Samuel Lilienthal

Dr S Lilienthal [1815-1895]
"Homeopathic Therapeutics" fame Dr Samuel Lilienthal has also written a little gem of a book "A catechism on Samuel Hahnemann's Organon".  

I chanced to come across it as an appendix in Dr William Boericke's "Compend on the Principles of Homeopathy".  Given below are some excerpts. The link to the full text of Dr Lilienthal's  book is is also provided at the end. 

Catechism, by definition, refers to Instructions in the form of Questions and Answers.  Dr Lilienthal's work contains answers only.

1. The physician's highest and only calling is to restore health to the sick, which is called healing.

2. Healing ought to be accomplished in the most speedy, most gentle, and most reliable manner.

3. To do this he must know the ailment of the patient, select the remedy, the dose and its repetition according to each individual case.

4. Sanitation and hygiene are studies in which every physician must be well versed.

5. Constitution of the patient, his mind and temperament, occupation, mode of living and habits, social and domestic relations, age and sexual functions, etc. give us the individuality of the patient.

6. Deviations from the normal state show themselves by morbid signs or symptoms.

7. The totality of these symptoms, this outwardly reflected image of the inner nature of the diseased state, i.e., of the suffering dynamic, or living force, is the principal and only condition to be recognized in order that they may be removed and health restored.

8. Life, a dynamic principle, animates the material body, and this material body passes away as soon as it is bereft of this life-force. In health, harmonious vital processes go on in our mind and body, and in sickness this life-force becomes deranged by the dynamic influence of some morbific agency inimical to life, hence abnormal functional activity, manifesting itself by morbid sensations and functions, by morbid symptoms.

9. This morbidly changed life-force can only be restored to its normal state by a similarly acting dynamical power of the appropriate remedy, acting upon the omnipresent susceptibility of the nerves of the organism. The total removal of all symptoms is health restored, and therefore the totality of symptoms observed in each individual case can be the only indication to guide us in the selection of a remedy.

10. These aberrations from the state of health can only be removed by the curative power inherent in medicine to turn the sensorial condition of the body again into its normal state.  

Compend on the Fundamentals of Homeopathy by Dr William Boericke: [Click Here]

See the Appendix for Dr Samuel Lilienthal's "A Catechism on Samuel Hahnemann's Organon".

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  1. Good excerpt. It is very surprising that you came to know about this after 4 decades of your extensive study in homeopathy.