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2017 0917 38 Homeopathic Cures: Calendula Q [Mother Tincture]

"Calendula cannot be ignored in cuts with laceration, surface or open injuries," writes Dr JT Kent in his "Materia Medica" [p.354].  "Dilute Calendula used locally will keep the wound odorless, will reduce the amount of pus and favor granulation in the very best possible manner and thus it assists the surgeon in healing up surface wounds. Calendula is all the dressing you will need for open wounds and severe lacerations. It takes away the local pain and suffering."

The following cases*, illustrative of its use in lacerated wounds are worthy of place here:

"A coachman was kicked by his horse on the lower hip which was much torn; the laceration was one inch in length and indented. Compresses were applied to the wound moistened with Calendula Q. After a lapse of three days, the wound healed  and the mark left after healing was scarcely perceptible.

Miss H had a fall down stairs. She had several contusions on the chest a deep hole on the forehead and another hole on the tip and back of the nose. Calendula was applied and the healing was so perfect that no one would suspect there had ever been a wound of any kind.

Mr C had the misfortune to have his fingers caught in the wheel of a mill. The anterior joint of the index finger and the two joints of the ring finger were torn off entirely and the fleshy part of the tip of the middle finger was likewise carried away. A small portion of the bare bone of the second joint of the ring finger had remained and the patient was very anxious to have it taken off. I [Dr Thorer] left it, however, in the hope that the granulation might be favourable and cover this little remnant of the joint with flesh. Calendula was applied on the second day after the occurrence of the acccident. The result of the application was very satisfactory. The wounds did not suppurate  and the granulation went on undisturbed to the termination of the cure. The index finger joint had become covered with flesh.

While cutting a cork with a scalpel, my hand slipped, and I [Dr Thorer] cut the top of the left thumb and thumbnail half way down the nail. I instantly applied pure tincture of Calendula on a cotton rag, which I wrapped round the thumb. On examination four hours afterwards, there was no mark of the cut upon the thumb; the pain was taken away in a few minutes after the application.

Master W had the upper lip cut completely through and the lower lip cut slightly by a stone thrown at him by another boy. The cut was of so decided a character that his father wished me to sew it up, but having full confidence in the power of Calendula to heal the wound, I did not do so. The lip was well cleansed with a lotion of Calendula and then strapped up with Calendula plaster and in less than forty-four hours, when the plaster was removed, the wound had completely healed, leaving a very faint line about half an inch long, showing where the hurt had been.

I have observed that Calendula, in most instance, seems at once to contract the mouths of small arteries."


YouTube Video:  Calendula, A Healing Herb: [Click Here] 6:41m

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