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2017 0416 17  Thirunavukkarasar [Appar] Thevaram : Where is GOD?

Thirunavukkarasar [திருநாவுக்கரசர், Thirunāvukkaracar, meaning "king of the gift of the tongue"], also known as Appar [அப்பர்], was a seventh-century Śhaiva Tamil poet-saint, one of the most prominent of the sixty-three "Nayanmars" [63 நாயன்மார்]. He was an older contemporary of Thirugnana Sambandar [திருஞானசம்பந்தர்]. His birth-name was Marulneekkiyar [மருள்நீக்கியார்]; he was called Appar by Sambandar.
Sekkizhar relates this incident in his Thiruthondar Puranam [Periya Puranam]: Hearing the repute of the child saint Sambandar, Navukkarasar came to Sirkazhi to pay homage to him. As he went forward, a hand holding the hoe [உழவாரம்], his tool of service, Sambandar worshipfully approached him. Navukkarasar , melting with love, fell at his feet. Taking hold of the hands of him who prostrated, Sambandar paid obeisance to him, hailing him, "APPARE!" [அப்பரே !] "O Father!"  The other in turn replied, "Your humble servant!"

Where is GOD?
Thirunavukkarasar [a] Appar

Like fire in fuel and ghee in milk,
He is hidden, the great gem of effulgence,
On churning, by planting the rod of kinship with Him,
And with the rope of feeling,
He will stand before us.

விறகில் தீயினன்; பாலில் படு நெய் போல், 
மறைய நின்றுளன்; மாமணிச் சோதியான்;
உறவு கோல் நட்டு உணர்வு கயிற்றினால்   
முருக வாங்கிக் கடைய முன் நிற்குமே. 
                  திருநாவுக்கரசர்  [அப்பர்]  தேவாரம் 

YouTube Video: Appar Thevaram: Masil Veenaiyum: [Click Here]

The king put Thirunaavukkarasar in the lime kiln for many days. By the grace of God nothing happened to Thirunaavukkarasar and he came out of the kiln all afresh. At that time he sang this hymn.

The shelter under the parallel feet of the God, my boss, is like the nice melody of Veena, the early evening moon, pleasant breeze, the Spring, a pond where bees are in making sound.

மாசில் வீணையும் மாலை மதியமும் 
வீசு தென்றலும் வீங்கிள வேனிலும் 
மூசு வண்டறை பொய்கையும் போன்றதே 
ஈசன் எந்தை இணையடி நீழலே.

YouTube Video: Appar Thevaram: Madarpirai Kanniyanai: [Click Here]

Thirunaavukkarasar was beyond the desires of wealth and other material pleasures wanted to be at the holy feet of the God permanently. By His grace he got the place under His comforting feet singing this nice hymn. He describes the vision of Kailasa dharshan he had, when he got out of the temple tank in Thiruvaiyaru, in the padhigam starting with 'mAdhar piRaikkaNNiyAnai' 

I enter Kailasam behind many celestials who are carrying flowers and water and singing praises of Siva, who wears a crescent moon as a beautiful head garland, and Parvathi. When I reached thiruvaiyARu without my feet touching the ground, I saw a male elephant coming with his loving young female elephant [like Siva and Parvathi coming together]. I saw Siva's holy feet and many other wonders I have never seen anywhere else!

மாதர் பிறை கண்ணியானை மலையான் மகளொடும் பாடி 
போதொடு நீர் சுமந்தேத்தி புகுவார் அவர் பின் புகுவேன் 
யாதும் சுவடு படாமல் ஐயாறு அடைகின்ற போது 
காதல் மடப் பிடியோடும் களிறு வருவன கண்டேன் 
கண்டேன் அவர் திருப்பாதம் கண்டறியாதன கண்டேன்.


  1. The pic which you have labelled as Thirunaavukkarasar is actually MaaNikkavaasagar