Sunday 1 January 2017


2017 0101 01  Dr Harry Benjamin:  Better Sight Without Glasses

Long-sighted? Short-sighted? Alarmed at the thought of having to wear glasses or contact lenses? Wondering whether you could do without them? This timeless classic has helped thousands to improve their eyesight – naturally.
"Better Sight Without Glasses" by Dr Harry Benjamin
• Explains how the eye works
• Looks at the causes of defective vision and infection –
         including glaucoma, cataracts and conjunctivitis
• Features the Bates method
• Uses special eye exercises
• Advises on the links between diet and eyesight
• Explains the importance of relaxation
Combining the naturopathic approach to health with the system of eye-training devised by William Bates, this book provides a complete, safe and unique system of self-treatment to improve eyesight without the aid of glasses or contact lenses.

 Palming - Better Sight Without Glasses pp 48-49

Swinging - Better Sight Without Glasses pp 50-51

 Shoulder Excercise - Better Sight Without Glasses pp 62-63

Neck Excercises - Better Sight Without Glasses pp 64-65



  1. Namaskaram Mama,

    I wanted to learn about Homeopathy, I got some nice tip for eye sight issue as well. Nice way to start the year, i.e. to focus on health.

    I have already started practicing the techniques mentioned in this book. Reading it in parts.

    This place is a treasure of knowledge. I hope I have bigger shovel to capture the shovel and then share it later:).

    Thanks again for this.

    Happy New Year.

    Venkatesh Raman

  2. HNY Venkatesh! In, articles on literature, nature, holistic-health, personal-development and sacred-texts are uploaded cyclically. In holistic-health, articles on homeopathy, flower-remedies, nature-cure and yoga appear. To study homeopathy, go through the homeopatic articles in chronological order. SR

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