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2017 0115 03  Homeopathy for Every Home: Homeo First Aid Kit 


Homeopathy is cheap, effective, and has no side effects. This medical science uses natural substances to stimulate the body to heal itself. 

Most homeopathic remedies are made from herbs and minerals, and they are based on the principle discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann [1755-1843] that like cures like. 

This means that a substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person can be used to cure the same symptoms in a sick person, when prepared according to homeopathic principles.

Emergency kits and individual remedies are available at health food stores and online. For most purposes potency 30C is a good enough.
Many of us have heard propaganda from Big Pharma and the medical industry that homeopathy is quackery. In truth the medical industry is afraid of the competition homeopathy represents. Anyone who has ever tried it will know the truth.

Top 20 First-Aid Remedies

With a small investment in some common homeopathic home remedies you will be well-prepared for most first-aid situations. 
01 ACONITE – Fright is the keynote of this homeopathic remedy when there is great anxiety and sudden emotions. It is for any complaint that comes on suddenly after exposure to cold dry windy conditions. Coughs, colds, chills, fevers that come on suddenly may need this remedy especially if there is congested pain with restlessness. It can also be used in an emergency situation for a panic attack.

02 APIS MEL – This is for bee stings and insect bites where there is a lot of swelling, heat, redness and stinging pains. It is > cold applications and < heat. It is also an emergency measure for anaphylactic shock to give on the way to the hospital!

03 ARNICA –  This is the number one remedy for all cases of injury as it also deals with shock. Give Arnica first in every First Aid situation. Good for sprains and strains. Also suitable for severe exhaustion and jet lagFor bruises, soreness of muscles and joints, and after dental work. Also helps nosebleeds from injury or on lifting heavy objects and the early stages of a black eye.

04 ARSENICUM ALBUM – for food poisoning with diarrhoea and vomiting. Feel cold and fearful – frightened to be left alone. Worse 1am 1pm. Complaints after exposure to wet and damp.

05 BELLADONNA – Fever with great heat which follows Aconite well. Red, hot, skin, dilated pupils, throbbing pains. Worse by light, noise and jarring. Throbbing headaches and mild sunstroke. Sudden and violent onset of conditions.

06 BRYONIA – A dry remedy. Dry fever, dry cough. Worse for any movement, company or talking. Dry lips, thirst, irritable. Bursting headache. Must stay still. Red swollen, shiny joints, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sciatica. A stitching pain.

07 CALENDULA – the healing remedy. Use the tincture as an antiseptic. For all infections and inflammations where flesh is torn. It prevents pus formation. 

08 CANTHARIS – For burns and scalds with blistering. Stops the pain.

09 CHAMOMILLA – great sensitivity to pain. Teething in babies. Very irritable.

10 GELSEMIUM -- Influenza symptoms with slow onset. Shivering and nervous chills, paralyzing exhaustion, muscle aches, stiffness and heaviness of limbs. Sunstroke. Diarrhea from emotional excitement.

11 HEPAR SULPHURIS – Eruptions, boils, whitlows by nails. Abscesses, sensitive to touch. Sore throats, Pain that is splinter like.

12 HYPERICUM – For injuries that are rich in nerves, like fingers, toes. Specific for injury to the coccyx. 

13 LEDUM – Puncture wounds, wounds from rusty nails, bites, needles, wasp stings. It prevents post injury infections. 

14 MERCURIUS SOL -- For Toothaches with pains that are aching, throbbing, pulsating, drawing, pressing, and soreness of the tooth; pain extending to ears and face; toothaches from decayed teeth. Jaw swelling, abscess, inflammation and decay. Gum Boils. 

15 NUX VOM – Hangovers. Illness after too much rich food. Better fresh air. Chilly and irritable. Fever when every movement causes shivering. Piles.

16 PULSATILLA – Earache. Weepiness, clinging dependant, whining. Craves attention. Crave fresh air, Very changeable. No thirst. Cough

17 RHUS TOX – Aches and pains which are worse by first movement better on continued movement. Sprains and strains.

18 RUTA GRAV – For fractures, broken jaw and ailments form bone injuries. Bruises, pain and injuries that are slow to heal; lumps as a result of a blow with a stick or a hammer or from bumping the shin bone.

19 SILICA – Pushes foreign material out of the body.  Ripens and drains abscesses, assists the draining of ear infections, or helps the body rid itself of a splinter.

20 STAPHISAGRIA --  Pain around the surgical incision, in which there is cutting with knife; circumcision, eye surgery, ovarian surgery, abdominal surgery, surgery for urethra/bladder stones; caesarean, childbirth, long drawn-out, painful birth and exhausting birth.

Quick Remedy Finder

Scan the following list for the problem you want to treat, note the remedy (or remedies) indicated and then check the remedy list to see which one suits. 
Bites and stings: Apis; Led.
Blisters: Canth; Rhus-t.
Bruises: Arn; Led.
Burns and scalds: Canth.
Cuts, and puncture wounds: Hyper; Led.
Dental Work: Arn; Hyper.
Eye injuries: Arn; Led.
Food poisoning: Ars; Nux-v.
Fractures: Arn; Ruta.
Heat stroke or exhaustion: Bell; Glon.
Fever Flu: Acon, Gels.
Nosebleeds: Arn.
Overindulgence and hangover: Nux-v
Panic and Shock: Acon.
Splinters and thorns: Sil.

Sprains and strains: Arn; Hyper; Rhus-t; Ruta.


Keep the Homeopathic Home First Aid Kit out of reach of children.  This should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice.

For a small investment and a little planning, homeopathy will prepare you for most minor emergencies. All that remains is for you to practice – the more you practice, the more you learn, the better you become.

While it is always important to seek medical advice for serious injuries and situations, don’t forget that even here, homeopathy can help. A few doses of the needed remedy while the ambulance is on the way can make all the difference when every minute counts … and it’s so simple to give.

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