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2016-19  Homeopathy: Aconite

Aconitum Napellus
"My heart is disquieted within me: and the fear of death is fallen upon me." These words of the Psalmist are practically the provings of Aconite. Dr. Kent says, "Aconite is like a great storm. It comes, sweeps over and passes away." It is a short-acting remedy. 

The very face of Aconite [patient] expresses FEAR. Aconite is curative in ailments from fright, mental or physical, even to jaundice, just as Chamomilla is curative in ailments caused by rage and anger, or Staphisagria in ailments caused by real or imagined insults and grievances. 

But the fears of Aconite are more or less intangible. The known, the definite has no terrors for Aconite. It has not the fear of poverty of Bryonia, the fear of approach of Arnica or the fear when alone of Arsenicum and Argentum nitricumAconite [patient] has not only the fear of death, but also predicts the hour of death.

Aconite is indispensable in households for sudden, severe effects, following chills and frights, with restlessness, anxiety and fear.   

Dr. Hahnemann says, "Aconite is the first and foremost remedy in inflammations of the windpipe [croup, membraneous laryngitis], in various kinds of inflammations of the throat and fauces, where in addition to thirst and quick pulse, there are mental agitation, and agonizing tossing about."  


Useful for:Key Symptoms:
 FEVERSudden violent onset, after exposure to cold, dry wind Restlessness
Bad effects of fright
 EYE INJURYAs first-aid, to diminish inflammation and relieve pain
Scratch on cornea
 DENTAL PROBLEMSFear of treatment
 SURGERYFearful anticipation
 COLDSFirst stages of common cold
Sneezing & dripping
Clear, hot, watery nasal discharge
Burning, sensitive throat
Throbbing headache
Roaring in ears
Eyes feel dry, hot & sandy
Averse to light
Eyes red, inflamed, watery
 COUGH/CROUPFirst remedy for croup
Constant short, dry cough
Sudden Onset during night, after exposure to cold, dry winds
Wakens soon after midnight with anxiety & croupy, barking cough
 EARACHEExternal ear painful, swollen, red, hot
Sensitive to noise
Frantic with pain
 COLICGas up and down
Intense thirst for cold water
 HEADACHEHeavy, throbbing, bursting pain
Sensation of fullness in forehead
Sensation of band around head
Feels as if hair were pulled or stood on end
Dizziness, worse on rising & shaking head
 URINARY  PROBLEMSBladder Infections
Painful urination
Anxiety at start of urination
Urine scanty, hot, red
Sudden retention of urine from chill or fright

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