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SRI ANDAL: THIRUPPAVAI ஸ்ரீ ஆண்டாள் திருப்பாவை

2016-01  Sri Andal: Thiruppavai   ஸ்ரீ ஆண்டாள்  திருப்பாவை

Sri AndaL
Sri Andal Thiruppavai  [திருப்பாவை] 
The philosophic poetry of the Azhwars Saints from South India collectively known as the Nalayira Divya Prabhandham is a rich heritage in Tamil literature and culture. Azhwars were twelve in number, hailing from different walks of life. The four thousand verses of the Azhwars are considered equivalent to the four Vedas, bringing the message of the Vedas to the common people in the vernacular. The most popular among the Azhwars is the only woman-saint among them, Sri Andal. Sri Andal is worshipped along with the Lord in all Sri Vaishnava homes and temples. Young and old alike go to the temples in the early morning hours during the month of Marghazhi singing her famous Thiruppaavai verses. 

Sri Krishna
In Thiruppaavai, Sri Andal, along with her companions, observes the ancient religious rite of "Paavai NOnbu" which the cowherdesses of Vraja observed in the bygone age, to obtain Sri Krishna's hand in marriage. Each and every one of the thirty verses has been shown to contain many hidden inner meanings of high philosophical import. Several Acharyas have written commentaries on the same. Let us have a look at the first verse "MargazhithingaL" as a sample:

திருப்பாவை பாசுரம் 1:

மார்கழித் திங்கள் மதி நிறைந்த நன்னாளால்
     நீராட போதுவீர் போதுமினோ நேரிழையீர்
சீர் மல்கும் ஆய்பாடிச் செல்வச் சிறுமீர்காள்
     கூர் வேல் கொடுந்தொழிலன் நந்தகோபன் குமரன்
ஏரார்ந்த கண்ணி யசோதை இளஞ்சிங்கம்
     கார்மேனிச் செங்கண் கதிர் மதியம் போல் முகத்தான்
நாராயணனே நமக்கே பறை தருவான்
     பாரோர் புகழப் படிந்து ஏல் ஓர் எம்பாவாய்.

Thiruppavai Pasuram 1
mArgazhith thingkaL madhi niRaindha nannALAl
nIrAdap pOdhuvIr! pOdhuminO nErizhaiyIr!
sIr malgum AyppAdich selvach siRumIrgAL!
kUrvEl kodunthozhilan nandhagOpan kumaran
ErArndha kaNNi yasOdhai iLanjsingkam
kArmEnich sengkaN kadhir madhiyam pOl mugaththAn
nArAyaNanE namakkE paRai tharuvAn
pArOr pugazhap padindhElOr empAvAi.

Simple English Translation of Stanza 1 "Margazhi ThingaL" by Dr V Raghavan: 

Margazhi ThingaL
“It is the good full Moon day of the month of Marghazhi. Oh the well ornamented maidens! Those desirous of taking the bath (in the YamunA) may please come on. Oh the prosperous young girls of AaypAdi (Gokulam) that is rich and grand (in beauty and wealth)! Lord NaarAyana will surely yield to us alone the drum (paRai). He is the son of King NandagOpa, of cruel deeds (towards the enemies), and holding a sharp spear in his hand always. He (KrishNa) is the young lion-cub of Queen YasOdhA with very charming eyes. He (Lord NaarAyaNa) has a dark cloud-like divine complexion, (lotus like) reddish eyes and (lustrous) face (shining) like the bright Sun and Moon. (This Lord NaarAyaNan alone is the Saviour). (Let us) resort (to Him) performing the Paavai-Nonbhu and get the benefit of praise from the people of the world. (Oh dear friend, may You recite and learn this).

For Sri Andal's THIRUPPAVAI: Annotated Commentary in English pdf
by O V Sadagopan: [Click Here]

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