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MANU SMRTI 6.92: TEN COMPONENTS OF DHARMA [ दशकं धर्म लक्षणं ]

2017 1029 44  Manu Smriti 6.92: The Ten Components of Dharma दशकं धर्म लक्षणं ]


Manu Smriti [6.92] defines the Ten Components of Dharma thus:

धृतिः क्षमा दमः अस्तेयं  शौचं इन्द्रिय निग्रहः   | 
धीः विद्या सत्यं अक्रोधः दशकं धर्म लक्षणं      ||   6.92

The ten components of Dharma [ दशकं धर्म लक्षणं ] are:

1]  धृतिः  firmness
2]  क्षमा  patience
3]  दमः   self-control
4]  अस्तेयं  non-stealing
5]  शौचं   purity, internal and external
6]  इन्द्रिय निग्रहः control of the senses
7]  धीः  strength of mind
8]  विद्या  wisdom
9]  सत्यं   truthfulness and
10]  अक्रोधः  absence of anger

All -- refers to all the four orders [namely, student, householder, hermit and ascetic].

Full text of Manu Smriti in Sanskrit with English Translation: [Click Here]


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