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2017 0507 19  Sundarar Thevaram: Pittha Piraisoodi [பித்தா பிறை சூடி]

Samaya Kuravar "Nalvar"

Sundarar [சுந்தரர்], also known as Tampiran Thozhar [தம்பிரான் தோழர்] was an eighth-century saint poet who was one of the most prominent among the 63 NayanarsSundarar is unique among the Nayanars in that both of his parents are also recognised as Nayanars.

The hymns of seventh volume of the PanniruTirumurai, the twelve-volume compendium of the poetry of Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta, were composed by him. His Thiruthondathogai is the original nucleus around which Sekkizhar's Periyapuranam was developed. 

It is said that while Sundarar was being married, the service was interrupted by an old ascetic who claimed Sundarar as his slave, stating that Sundarar's grandfather pledged him according to an ancient palm leaf manuscript in his possession. 

Shiva as old ascetic claimed Sundarar as his slave
A court of Vedic scholars concluded that the palm leaf was legally valid. Crestfallen, Sundarar resigned himself to the servitude in the old man and, following him was led to the Thiruvarutturai Shiva temple.

The old man was said to be Shiva himself, who told him: " You will henceforth be known as Vanthondan, the argumentative devotee. Did you not call me a mad man just a short while ago? Begin your hymns addressing me 'O mad man [பித்தா]!". 

பித்தா ! பிறை சூடி ! பெருமானே ! அருள் ஆளா !
எத்தால் மறவாதே நினைக்கின்றேன் மனத்து உன்னை 
வைத்தாய் பெண்ணை தென் பால் வெண்ணை நல்லூர் அருள் துறையுள்
அத்தா ! உனக்கு ஆளாய் இனி அல்லேன் எனல் ஆமே.

பொன்னார் மேனியனே ! புலி தோலை அரைக்கு அசைத்து 
மின்னார் செஞ்சடை மேல் மிளிர் கொன்றை அணிந்தவனே !
மன்னே மாமணியே ! மழபாடியுள் மாணிக்கமே !
அன்னே உன்னை அல்லால் இனி யாரை நினைக்கேனே !

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