Sunday 14 May 2017


2017 0514 20  Wilfred Peterson:  Slow Me Down, Lord

Wilfred Peterson [1900-1995]
Wilferd Arlan Peterson [1900-1995] was regarded as "one of the best loved American writers of the 20th century, renowned for his inspirational wisdom and aphoristic wit". He was a frequent contributor to This Week magazine, Science of Mind magazine and Readers Digest

His inspirational essays began to appear on the "Words To Live By" page of This Week magazine in 1960. Letters of praise from admiring readers led to the publication of The Art of Living, the first of a series of books that would sell millions of copies.

His published works include: The Art of Getting Along (1949), The Art of Living (1961), The New Book of the Art of Living (1962), More about the Art of Living (1966), Adventures in the Art of Living (1968), The Art of Living in the World Today (1969), The Art of Living Day by Day (1972), The Art of Living Treasure Chest (1977), The Art of Creative Thinking (1991) and The Art of Living: Thoughts on Meeting the Challenge of Life (1993).

"Slow Me Down, Lord"  Poem by Wilfred  Peterson

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