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RITAM SATYAM DHARMAH [ ऋतं सत्यं धर्मः ]

2017 0219 08  Ritam Satyam Dharmah [ ऋतं  सत्यं  धर्मः ]    

In the foreword to Hindu Dharma by the Sage of Kanchi*, judge Mishra writes:
Sri Vidyaranya defines ritam as the mental perception and realization of God. The Taittriya Upanishad also uses it with "satyam" and "dharmah". It exhorts students to speak the truth and practise dharmah (satyam vada; dharmam chara). 

According to Sankara, satyam means speaking the truth and dharmah means translating it (satyam) into action. "Satyamiti yathasastrarthata sa eva anusthiya manah dharmanama bhavati."

In this connection, the explanation given by Sri. K.Balasubramania Aiyar [in his introduction to Yaksha Prasna]**, is relevant:

"An analysis of the significance of these three words (ritam, satyam 
and dharmah) brings out clearly to us the fundamental basis of dharma as the ideal for an individual. 

While ritam denotes the mental perception and realization of truth and satyam denotes the exact true expression in words of the truth as perceived by the mind, dharma is the observance, in the conduct of life, of truth. 

In fact, dharmah is the way of life which translates into action the truth perceived by the man of insight as expressed by him truly. In short, ritam is truth in thought, satyam is truth in words and dharmah is truth in deed."  [ உண்மை  வாய்மை  மெய்மை ]


*Full Text of HINDU DHARMA by the Sage of Kanchi: [Click Here]

This volume Hindu Dharma [The Universal Way of Life] is in the nature of a discovery of Vedic India, Immortal India. This is bound to immensely inspire not only the people and youth of India but also the people and youth of the world over to restore and retain values, purity and sanity in personal and public life. Vedo khilo dharmaulam; Dharmo rakshati rakshitah ---the Vedas are the root of all Dharma; Dharma protected, protects.

**Full Text of YAKSHA PRASNA  by KBalasubramaniaIyer: [Click Here]

We have an excellent exposition of  Ritam, Satyam and Dharmah  in the Introduction to this small volume Yaksha Prasna by KBI.

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