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2015-45  "Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light"

"Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light" [1958-2012]
Thomas Kinkade [1958-2012] was an American painter of popular, realistic, pastoral, and idyllic subjects. He was notable for the mass marketing of his work as printed reproductions and other licensed products via the Thomas Kinkade Company. 
He characterized himself as "Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light" a phrase, originally attributed to the English Master, J.M.W. Turner [1775–1851]. 

Thom knew at an early age that painting was his true calling. He dedicated his life to creating art that emphasized simple pleasures and inspirational messages. He was inspired not by fame and fortune, but by the simple act of painting straight from the heart, putting on canvas the natural wonders and images that moved him most. 

Hometown Bridge
"The Bridge in Hometown Memories collection fondly revisits my idyllic childhood and I have often found that the heart and emotions of the boy seem to blend with the mind and sensitivities of the adult artist. As a maturing artist, I recognize deeper meaning within bridges, those ravine spanning passages we make in life; first love, birth of a child." - Thomas  Kinkade

Hometown Morning
“I think that in my Hometown Memories collection, I have established – at least to my own satisfaction – that you can go home again. Perhaps not with a boy’s innocence and enthusiasm, but certainly with an adult’s fond memories and deep appreciation for the gifts of community, of belonging, of shared values and dreams that are the essence of the hometown experience. Hometown Morning is the sixth and final look at the hometown of my boyhood – and, I hope, at some of the things you remember most warmly about you hometown as well.” – Thomas Kinkade

Savannah Romance
"In my painting, Savannah Romance, I've included an abundance of color - dogwood and mimosa trees vie for attention with resplendent southern magnolias and lush azaleas. Reigning over it all is the majestic Forsyth Fountain, bubbling forth with blessings anew.  It is my hope that your imagination will take you on a stroll down this shaded pathway to discover your own fountain of many blessings."   - Thomas Kinkade

Pathway to Paradise
"When humankind was young, we lived in a garden paradise…I believe that to be literally true. When we were children, we lived in a protected sanctuary, under the loving care of our parents.  

The world was new to our experience, and filled with wonder and mystery. The light had a special radiance…the flowers were treasures of color and scent ... butterfly was a small miracle.Then they grew up." - Thomas  Kinkade

It was this dedication and singular-minded focus on the ultimate goal of Sharing the Light that made Thomas Kinkade, a simple boy with a brush from the small country town of Placerville, California the most-collected living artist of his time.

Throughout his life Thomas Kinkade shared his joy and used his paints in support of hospitals, schools, and humanitarian relief. Though the recipient of countless awards and honors, it was Thom’s profound sense of purpose that his art was not just an accessory, but also a ministry, that continues on as his legacy. From custom images that were sold for The Salvation Army, Hurricane Katrina relief, Rotary International, to donations that now grace the halls of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the White House, The Vatican, and Britain’s Tate Museum, Thom raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over his lifetime for charity.

YouTube Video: The Life Story of Thomas Kinkade: [Click Here] 56:23m


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