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2015-39  Healing by Homeopathy: Nux-vomica, a Polychrest


No household should be without its little homeopathic medicine chest for common ailments. And no homeopathic medicine chest should be without Nux-vomica
Nux-vomica is pre-eminent among Dr Hahnemann's polychrests - medicines of many uses.
Hahnemann tells us that Nux is most frequently needed by persons of an anxious, zealous, fiery, hot temperament. Hypersensitiveness to light, to noise, to odours, to touch. Easily offended, mental workers or people having sedentary occupations. Persons addicted to stimulants, narcotics, debauches, etc. 

Nux-vomica acts best when given at night, during repose of mind and body. [Sulphur in the morning]. 

Dr M.L.Tyler writes "Nux-vom is a great medicine for drunkards. An aunt of ours, seeing the misery of a poor family where the father drank, sent some Nux-vom; with the result, a happy family and no drink!" 

Hahnemann says that serious ailments from catching cold are often removed by Nux-vom which has chilliness on the slightest exposure to open air

Nux-vom is good for colds with a blocked nose at night and a runny nose during the day; flu with fever and stiff, shivering, aching muscles; and coughs with retching or dry, tickling coughs with pain in larynx.

In women, Nux-vom is given for early, heavy or irregular menstruation, and where there is faintness before menstruation. It is also used to treat cystitis, frequent urination, cramps, and morning sickness in pregnancy, and labour pain. 

The Nux-vom constipation is caused by irregular peristaltic action of the intestines, hence the frequent, ineffectual desire for stool. [With Bryonia, there is no desire, and the stools are dry and hard, as if burnt!"]

Nux Vomica

Useful for:Key Symptoms:
MENTALIrritable, impatient
Oversensitive to noise light, touch, odors
For bad effects of over-indulgence in work or play,
"workaholics," sedentary life style
HEADACHE"Hangover headache," from over-indulgence in rich food or drink
Splitting pain in back of head or over eyes,as if nail driven in
Frontal pain, desire to press head against something
Scalp sore to touch
Headache in sunshine
Associated with stomach problems
Sour vomiting
Nausea of pregnancy
Feels there would be relief from vomiting, but can't bring it about
INDIGESTIONBelching, sour & bitter
Bloating of abdomen few hours after eating
Overindulgence in rich food, coffee, liquor
Frequent, ineffective urging to stool
"Something left behind"
To help relieve the laxative habit
Relieved by cool bathing
COLDSEarly stages
Attacks of sneezing
Nose runs during day
Nose stopped at night
Sniffles of infants
Sore throat
ASTHMAAttack often follows stomach upset with much belching
Oppressed breathing with shallow respiration
COUGHSDry, tickling cough with sore throat and chest
Sensation that cough tears something loose in chest
Coughing spells end in retching
Cough brings on bursting headache
Tight, hacking, dry cough
INFLUENZACannot get warm
Chilly from least movement under covers
Shivering, especially after drinking
Cramping pains causing urge to stool
Ineffectual urge to vomit
INSOMNIAAfter mental strain
Cannot sleep for thoughts of day's work
Cannot sleep after 3:00a.m. until morning; wakes feeling miserable
Better from:Evening, Strong pressure, Eating, Warmth,
Touch, Rest, Spices
Worse from:Mental exertion, Anger, Dry weather
Stimulants: coffee, liquor, narcotics, thunderstorms

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