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2015 - 28  Dharma : Four Legs of - Brihad Dharma Purana

When I was studying Jayadayal Goyandaka's Commentary "Tattva Vivechani" on the Bhagavad Gita, [in the footnote of BG 18.31 on pp.742-743], I came across a comprehensive reference to "Dharma" from "Brihad Dharma Purana", which I would like to share with all.

सत्यं दया तथा शान्तिः अहिंसा चेति कीर्तिताः |

The four legs of Dharma are: 
1] Satya - Truth 
2] Daya - Compassion 
3] Shanti - Tranquility and 
4] Ahimsa - Nonviolence.

Of these, 

1]  सत्य Satya - Truth presents itself in the following 12 forms:
1.1 uttering no falsehood 
1.2 keeping one's promise 
1.3 speaking agreeable words
1.4 service of the preceptor
1.5 strict observance of a vow 
1.6 piety
1.7 association with holy men
1.8 doing what pleases one's parents
1.9 external purity
1.10 internal purity
1.11 shyness and 
1.12 keeping no possessions

2]  दया  Daya - Compassion expresses itself in the following six forms: 
2.1 benevolence
2.2 charity
2.3 unfailing geniality of speech
2.4 meekness
2.5 modesty and
2.6 evenness of temper

3]  शान्ति  Shanti - Tranquility presents the following 30 characteristics:
3.1 absence of a cavilling spirit
3.2 contentment even with small amounts
3.3 control of the senses
3.4 freedom from attachment
3.5 taciturnity
3.6 devotion to the worship of Gods
3.7 fearlessness
3.8 gravity
3.9 steadiness of mind
3.10 absence of impassivity
3.11 freedom from craving of all sorts
3.12 abstaining from prohibited actions 
3.13 equipoise in honour and ignominy
3.14 praising others
3.15 virtues
3.16 non-thieving
3.17 continence
3.18 fortitude
3.19 forbearance
3.20 hospitality
3.21 practice of Japa
3.22 offering oblations into fire
3.23 visiting sacred places
3.24 service of noble people
3.25 freedom from jealousy
3.26 knowledge of bondage and freedom
3.27 spirit of renunciation
3.28 endurance even in the face of calamities
3.29 absence of stinginess and
3.30 absence of dull-wittedness.

4]  अहिंसा  Ahimsa or Nonviolence has 7 modes:
4.1 control over one's squatting postures
4.2 abstaining from infliction of pain on others through mind, speech or body
4.3 piety
4.4 hospitality
4.5 serenity, 
4.6 regarding all as one's own and
4.7 a feeling of oneness with others.

This is Dharma. Even a little practice of this Dharma is supremely beneficial and its violation is highly detrimental.

Side by side with this Dharma, one should perform duties consistent with one's grade in society and stage in life.


Four Legs of Dharma [Duties for Mankind]: [Click Here]

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