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2018 0107 01  Taittriya Upanishad: Shanti Paata: Om sam no Mitra sam Varunah

This is the Shanti Paata of Taittriya Upanishad [T 1.1]

May Mitra be a source of blessing to us. May Varuna [be] a source of blessing [to us]. May Aryamaa be a source of blessing to us. May Indra and Bruhaspati [be] a source of blessing [to us].  May Vishnu, the Lord of long stride, [be] a source of blessing t[o us]. 

Salutations to Brahman [Hiranyagarbha]. O Vayu! Salutations to you. You alone are the perceptible Brahman.  I shall declare you to be the perceptible Brahman. I shall declare [you to be] Right Understanding.  I shall declare [you to be] Truthfulness.

May He protect me.  May He protect the teacher.  May He protect me.  May He protect the teacher.  Om. Let there be Peace, Peace, Peace!


Adi Sankara's commentary on the above Shanti Mantra:

Sam means blessing. May Lord Mitra who is the presiding deity of prana [the function of respiration] and day be a source of blessing to us during the day. Similarly, Lord Varuna who is the presiding deity of apana [the function of evacuation] and night  be a source of blessing to us during the night [for good sleep and a clear morning].

Isvara, when looked at from the standpoint of the day becomes a devata and is called Mitra. It is another name for the Sun, as the adishtana devata of the day.  He is not only adhishthana-devata of the day from the standpoint of samashti adhibhuta , from the standpoint of vyashti-adyaatma, with reference to  one's own body-mind-sense complex, He is the adhishtana devata  of prana-vrutti, function of respiration. Let him bless us.

So too, may Varuna, who is the adishtana devata for the night and also for apana-vrutti, function of evacuation, bless us. With reference to eyes, the same Sun is called Aryamaaand he is the adishtana devata for eyes and the solar system. Indra is adishtana-devata of balam, strength. So may He bless us with strength.

Indra's Guru is Bruhaspati, who is the presiding deity of vak, speech and buddhi, intellect. For speech to be clear and truthful , Bruhaspathi's blessing must be there. May the Lord bless us with learning and clarity in understanding.

Similarly, all-pervasive Vishnu, the presiding deity of legs and feet, be a source of blessing to us.May all these presiding deities, and others not said here, bless us. Thus, we are seeking blessing at all levels in this mantra.

Only if all the deities remain blessing us with pleasant situations, listening to this teaching, retaining it and sharing it with others, take place without any obstacle. Hence their favourable is prayed for, by saying 'sam no bhavatu'.

   Source: Swami Dayananda Saraswati: Taittriya Upanishad Vol1 [pp 67-70]




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