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2017 1203 49  Pathway to God through Thiruvaachakam : Thiruvaachakopanishad

From The "Pathway to God through the Thiruvaachakam" by G.Vanmikanathan

Saint-Poet Maanikkavaachakar
The "poet of ruby utterances" Maanikkavaachakar sings the song of eternity, Thiruvaachakam, with a clear and serene voice, making available to the Tamils, the same pathway to God even as the Upanishads do

This "Thiruvaachakopanishad", so to say, has the nature of an autobiographical work on the Pathway to God trodden by Maanikkavaachakar.  

"Did I indeed perform penance [thavam] and 'Si vaa ya na ma' gained to chat?
Sivan, the mighty Lord, Who tastes sweet like honey and delicious ambrosia, 
Of his own accord came and entered my heart, and to me, His slave, did the gracious favour,
Of impelling me to c1wdastigate my carnal life and hate it."    T38.10

sings the saint poet.

நானேயோ தவம் செய்தேன்? 'சிவாய நம' எனப் பெற்றேன்?
தேன் ஆய், இன் அமுதமும் ஆய், தித்திக்கும் சிவ பெருமான் 
தானே வந்து, எனது உள்ளம் புகுந்து, அடியேற்கு அருள் செய்தான் --
ஊன் ஆரும் உயிர் வாழ்க்கை ஒறுத்து அன்றே, வெறுத்திடவே !   தி 38.10

"Guru" is one who leads a person out of darkness. Lord Siva himself comes as a Guru for claiming the soul of Maanikkavaachakar, who affirms this in no uncertain terms throughout  the Thiruvaachakam.


YouTube Video: "Naaneyo thavam seiden?" sung by Siva Damodharan [Click Here]


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