Sunday 19 November 2017

MANU SMRITI 7.18-19: PUNISHMENT IS DHARMA [ दण्डं धर्म ]

2017 1119 47  Manu Smriti 7.18-19: Punishment is Dharma  [ दण्डं धर्म ]

दण्डः शास्ति प्रजाः सर्वा  दण्ड एव अभिरक्षति  | 
दण्डः सुप्तेषु जागर्ति  दण्डं धर्म  विदूर बुधाः     ||    M 7.18

M 7.18. Punishment alone governs all created beings, punishment alone protects them, punishment watches over them while they sleep; the wise declare punishment (to be identical with) the law (Dharma).

समीक्ष्य स धृतः सम्यक सर्वा रञ्जयति प्रजाः  | 
समीक्ष्य प्रणीतस तु विनाशयति सर्वतः      ||       M 7.19  

M 7.19. If (punishment) is properly inflicted after (due) consideration, it makes all people happy; but inflicted without consideration, it destroys everything.


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