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2016-30  Homeopathy: Bryonia

Bryonia is one of the priceless polychrests of Homeopathy, especially useful in acute diseases. Hence Bryonia finds its way into every handbook of Homeopathy and into every domestic medicine chest.

The great characteristic of this drug is worse from motion, better from rest, and better from pressure. The next is dryness. Dryness of linings and joints, dryness of lips, of tongue, of intestines, causing constipation with dry, hard and dark stools.

In Bryonia we have a patient who is emotionally, bodily and mentally dried up. He wants to be left alone, undisturbed, while at the same time constantly needing great quantities of water to balance his dryness. There is an element of dehydration at all levels. The sensation of dryness of the mucous membranes is most frequently reported, but the dryness of Bryonia extends to the emotional and mental levels as well. The mind is dry; lacks nimbleness and agility, it is unimaginative.

Constitutional Bryonia patients suffer from a stiffness of the mind; they tend to be very business-like and matter-of-fact. Underlying their rather gruff, businesslike manner, however, a sense of financial insecurity dwells, and the primary expression of this insecurity in Bryonia patients is a fear of poverty. And also fear about the future. Business concerns occupy their subconscious mind; as a consequence, they often will talk about business while in a delirium.

Bryonia complaints start slowly and develop steadily in a crescendo over a much longer period of time than most other remedies. Acute conditions take several days to reach their full-blown manifestation, whereas in other remedies [Aconite or Belladonna] we see a much more immediate and explosive reaction of the organism. Bryonia presents a slow but steady development of complaints, which persists until a very serious level is reached.
A further important key-note of Bryonia is an amelioration from pressure. Many forms of pain and discomfort are ameliorated by holding and pressing upon the affected part. Lying on the painful side (in headaches, chest pain, etc.) frequently provides respite from the pain. 

Bryonia is full of anxiety and despondency. The patient is not easily pleased with others, and often does not know himself what he really wants. There is an internal restlessness that forces him to move about, in spite of being aggravated by motion. There is anxiety and fear, including fear of death and fear that he will not recover from his illness. But his mind which is logical and practical does not allow the fears to overwhelm him. He may allow his temper, his anger, or his irritability to reach violent expressions, but he will not allow the fears to cloud his mind completely.

Kent writes: 'The mental state of Bryonia is usually relieved from cool air, he wants the windows open. Anxiety, confusion of mind, fear, etc., are ameliorated from being cool. In children this will be noticed, whereas if the window be thrown up to relieve the stuffiness of the room the child will sleep quietly. 

Bryonia's well-known time of aggravation is 9 p.m. through 3 a.m. and on waking.
When delirious, Bryonia patients will, in addition to talking of business, often express the wish to go home. The origin of this delirious request is the feeling of security they enjoy when they are in their own place. This trait is very strong.

Homeo Medicine Bryonia 30C

Useful for:Key Symptoms:
ARTHRITISAches in joints and muscles that feel worse with any kind of motion.
Swollen joints. Painful stiffness. Joints are hot and red.
Pains include sticking and stitching pains.
MOODWants to be left alone.
Feels better without moving, in quiet dark room. Is more irritable and less sociable than usual.
COLDSWatery nasal discharge with stuffy nose
Head colds travel down into chest
COUGHSHard, dry, racking, painful cough Presses hand to chest
Makes stomach sore
FEMALEMenses are increased; bright red, early, heavy flow.
Backache, bearing down sensation.
Vagina is dry,hot.
FLUStitching and sticking pains. Aching stiffness

Lightheaded and dizzy when standing up.
FEVERAlternating with chills.
Very thirsty for cold water or drinks
Great dryness of all mucus membranes.
HEADACHESplitting, bursting pain
Pain on stooping, on coughing, on opening eyes in the morning
Pain gradually increasing toward evening
DIGESTIONStomach extremely sensitive to touch
Feels heavy like a brick in stomach right after eating.
Vomits bile or food
Unnatural appetite or total lack appetite
CONSTIPATIONStools large, dry, hard. Constipation without any urge.
DIARRHEADuring hot weather; From cold drinks when overheated
SORE THROATPainful when swallowing with periodic coughing

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