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2016-29  Homeopathy: Belladonna

Belladonna [Deadly Nightshade]
Belladonna is a polychrest -- medicine of many uses. It has its place in every homeopathic medicine chest for its paramount utility in very many acute and violent conditions.

Violence runs through Belladonna; violence and suddennessviolent pain, violent headache, violent deliruim, violent starts and twitchings, violent convulsions, which come suddenly and go suddenly.

Belladonna is a remedy for sudden, violent conditions, like Aconite, yet very unlike Aconite in its symptoms. Aconite is turmoil in circulationBelladonna is turmoil in brain and Chammomilla is turmoil in temper.

Homeopathic Medicine Belladonna 30c
Belladonna has aborted whitlows in the early stages; an appendicitis, and countless cases of pneumonia. 

In sunstroke and in violent congestive headaches, Belladonna and Glonoine run almost neck to neck. The difference is Glonoine is markedly aggravated by heat, whereas Belladonna is very sensitive to cold. Belladonna has complaints from getting the head wet -- even from cutting the hair.

Belladonna is hypersensitive to LIGHT -- with its hugely dilated pupils -- to noise, to motion, to PRESSURE, to JAR, to cold

Dr. Kent gives a beautiful picture of a Belladonna patient: The Belladonna throat burns like coals of fire. The skin burns like fire to the patient; is intensely hot to the doctor. With the Belladonna heat, there is Redness; bright redness. Pains come suddenly and go suddenly.

Belladonna, Stramonium and Hyoscyamus are all high-grade delirium drugs, Belladonna being the most violent. Belladonna and Stramonium have both redness of face, but Stramonium lacks the intense, burning heat. Hyoscyamus is pale and sunken. Belladonna cannot bear light; Stramonium is terrified of the dark and must have light.  Hyoscyamus in delirium has no decency; wants to uncover.


Useful for:Key Symptoms:
CHILDRENUseful for colds and flu, sore throats, headaches and rapid high fever.
A great children’s first aid remedy.
COLICSevere cramping pain
EARACHEEspecially right ear
EYESEyes are dry, burning.
Eyes look brilliant, staring, glassy.
Pupils dilated. Throbbing pain in eyes.
Eyes are sensitive to light.
FEVERExtreme high fever that comes on suddenly, then breaks just as suddenly.
Skin is dry, burning hot; feels hot to the touch. Feet are icy cold. No thirst with fever.
Red face
Hot, dry skin
Cold hands and feet
Restless, thrashing about, twitching in sleep
Sleepy, but cannot sleep
Hard, pounding pulse
HEADACHECongestion with throbbing pain
lying down
Pupils dilated
MENTALDelirium, restless, acuteness of all senses.
Muscles twitch, may cry out in sleep from nightmares.
NOSENose feels dry, hot.
THROATThroat is dry, red, sore.
Worse right side.
Tonsils are swollen.
Throat feels constricted, like it has a lump in it.
Swallowing is difficult, especially liquids.
TOOTHACHEThrobbing, especially right-sided
SKINSkin is dry, hot, swollen.
Useful is cases of measles, mumps and chicken pox.
SORE THROATBright, red color
Strawberry tongue, red on edges
STOMACHStomach: No appetite. Very thirsty, but dreads drinking.
Stomach is swollen, distended, hot, tender.

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