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2014-37 Dr Edward Bach: Twelve Healers and Other Remedies

Dr Edward Bach [1886-1936] studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London.  

He worked as a bacteriologist / pathologist and discovered a set of homoeopathic nosodes, still known as the seven Bach nosodes. 

In 1930 he gave up his lucrative Harley Street practice and left London, to devote the rest of his life to the new system of flower medicines, now used all over the world.DB Dr Edward Bach studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London, and was a House \


Aspen Remedy for nameless fears and dreads.
Cherry Plum Remedy for fear of mind being over-strained and reason giving way.

Mimulus Remedy for worldly fears like illness, poverty, public speaking, being alone.
Red Chestnut Remedy for fear and over-concern for others who are dear.
Rock Rose Remedy for terror or extreme fear


Cerato Remedy for those with no self-trust, always seeking advice from others.
Gentian Remedy for those who are easily discouraged and depressed.
Gorse Remedy for great hopelessness, and feeling that nothing more can be done.
Hornbeam Remedy for tiredness more of the mind than of the body.
Scleranthus Remedy for difficulty in choosing between alternatives and indecision.
Wild Oat Remedy for uncertainty in choosing the correct path in life.

Insufficient interest in present circumstances

Clematis Remedy for dreamy people who live more in the future than in the present.
Honeysuckle Remedy for people who live more in the past than in the present.
Mustard Remedy for times when deep gloom descends for no apparent reason.
Olive Remedy for total exhaustion, both mind and body drained of energy

White Chestnut Remedy for mental turmoil and persistent unwanted thoughts.
Chestnut Bud Remedy for those who fail to learn by experience, need repetition.
Wild Rose Remedy for those who feel resigned to their circumstances, apathy.


Water Violet Remedy for those who are self-reliant, reserved and stay aloof.
Heather Remedy for those who are always s
elf-centered and filled with self concern. 
Impatiens Remedy for those who are impatient, want others to work at their speed. 


Agrimony Remedy for those who hide worries behind a brave face and humour.
Centaury Remedy for gentle, weak-willed people, over-anxious to serve others.
Holly Remedy for jealousy, envy, revenge and suspicion.
Walnut Remedy for adjustment to change, like marriage, menopause, new job, etc.

Despondency or despair

Elm Remedy for capable people feeling inadequate with overwhelming responsibility.
Larch Remedy for lack of confidence and the will to succeed, expecting failure.
Sweet Chestnut Remedy for extreme mental anguish, seeing no way out.
Oak Remedy for plodders who work hard and struggle on against adversities.
Willow Remedy for those who are embittered, resentful and finding fault with others. 

Star of Bethlehem Remedy for physical/mental shock [accident, serious news, etc.] 
Pine Remedy for those who blame themselves even for others' mistakes. 
Crab Apple Remedy for feeling of uncleanliness, self-disgust.

7  Over-care for welfare of others

Beech Remedy for those who are critical and intolerant of others. 
Chicory Remedy for those who are full of selfishness and possessive love.
Vervain Remedy for those who have fixed principles/ideas and
impose on others.
Vine Remedy for efficient, strong-willed people, expecting unquestioning obedience.
Rock Water Remedy for hard-masters, rigid-minded, self-denying people. 


FR 01 AGRIMONY*                Mental torment hidden behind a brave and cheerful face
FR 02 ASPEN                         Fears and worries of unknown origin
FR 03 BEECH                         Intolerance
FR 04 CENTAURY*                Timid, weak-willed, "doormats"
FR 05 CERATO*                     Distrust of self, always seeks advice from others

FR 06 CHERRY PLUM            Fear of mind giving way
FR 07 CHESTNUT BUD          Failure to learn from past mistakes
FR 08 CHICORY*                    Selfishly possessive
FR 09 CLEMATIS*                   Dreaminess, lack of interest in present
FR 10 CRAB APPLE                Feeling
 of uncleanliness, self-disgust

FR 11 ELM                              Overwhelmed by responsibility
FR 12 GENTIAN*                     Discouragement, despondency
FR 13 GORSE                         Hopelessness and despair
FR 14 HEATHER                     Self-centeredness, self concern
FR 15 HOLLY                           Hatred, envy, jealousy

FR 16 HONEYSUCKLE            Lives in the past
FR 17 HORNBEAM                  Fatigue more of mind than of body
FR 18 IMPATIENS*                  Impatience, quick in mind and action
FR 19 LARCH                           Lack of Confidence
FR 20 MIMULUS*                     Fear of known things

FR 21 MUSTARD                     Deep gloom with no origin
FR 22 OAK                               Exhausted but struggles on
FR 23 OLIVE                            T
otal exhaustion, mental and physical weariness
FR 24 PINE                              Self-reproach, guilt
FR 25 RED CHESTNUT          Fear or over-concern for others

FR 26 ROCK ROSE*               Terror, extreme fright
FR 27 ROCK WATER              Self-repression, self-denial
FR 28 SCLERANTHUS*          Indecision, dilemma
FR 29 STAR OF BETH            After-effects of shock
FR 30 SWEET CHESTNUT     Extreme mental anguish

FR 31 VERVAIN*                     Over-enthusiasm
FR 32 VINE                              Domineering, inflexible
FR 33 WALNUT                       Protection from change and outside influences
FR 34 WATER VIOLET*          Serene and self-reliant people, bearing pain in silence
FR 35 WHITE CHESTNUT      Unwanted thoughts, mental arguments

FR 36 WILD OAT                     Uncertainty as to the correct path in life
FR 37 WILD ROSE                  Resignation, apathy
FR 38 WILLOW                        Resentment ; finding fault with others 

*The original 12 HEALERS [marked in red] had been discovered by Dr Edward Bach by 1932.  
26 other remedies were added in 1933-1935 to complete the set of  38 Bach Flower Remedies.


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