Sunday 14 July 2013


2013-24: Caroline A Mason: The Wind that blows; that wind is best.

[ Caroline Atherton Mason (1823-1890) graduated from Bradford Academy in 1844. Her early poetry, much of it published under the name "Caro," appeared in such local newspapers as the Salem Register. Notable among them was "Do They Miss Me at Home?" (1844), later set to music and sung to Civil War audiences. Her first collection of poetry, Utterances, or Private Voices to the Public Heart, appeared in 1852. Throughout her life, CAM wrote short stories, essays, hymns, poetry and frequent letters to the local newspapers, often signing these only "C.A.M." She was a regular contributor to periodicals as well as to newspapers.  Read her "Buttercups" here and follow it up with "The Voyage" ].


Buttercups among the grass, 
Smiling on us as we pass, 
Lifting up such happy faces, —
        Starry-bright and bathed in dew

        Ah, if we could be like you, 
Each contented in our places!
"Whether skies be bright or sad, 
Little matters: you are glad, 
Darlings, in all sorts of weather 
Just as happy here as there" 

Whichever way the wind doth blow,
Some heart is glad to have it so;
Then blow it east or blow it west,
The wind that blows, that wind is best.

My little craft sails not alone:
A thousand fleets from every zone
Are out upon a thousand seas;
And what for me were favoring breeze
Might dash another, with the shock
Of doom, upon some hidden rock.

And so I do not dare to pray
For winds to waft me on my way,
But leave it to a Higher Will
To stay or speed me; trusting still
That all is well, and sure that He
Who launched my bark will sail with me
Through storm and calm, and will not fail,
Whatever breezes may prevail,
To land me, every peril past,
Within his sheltering heaven at last.

Then, whatsoever wind doth blow,
My heart is glad to have it so;
And blow it east or blow it west,
The wind that blows, that wind is best.
                                                                                       by Caroline A Mason

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