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2013-02  Thiruvalluvar - Practice Virtue T33

[After more than 50 years of study of all the 1330 couplets on Virtue, Wealth and Love in the unparalleled book of wisdom ThirukkuraL, I have chosen couplet 33 on Virtue as the master key to fulfillment and happiness in life.]

Who does not want Fulfillment and Happiness in Life?
says Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar.

Do [செயல்] Virtuous Deeds [அறவினை]
Unceasingly [ஓவாதே]
To the best of your ability [ஒல்லும் வகையான்]
In all possible ways [செல்லும்வாய் எல்லாம்].
In the ancient Book of Wisdom, ThirukkuraL,
couplet 33 on VIRTUE reads as follows:

“To the best of your ability, Do Virtuous Deeds, unceasingly,
 in all possible ways [through thought, word and deed].”  

"ஒல்லும் வகையான் அறவினை ஓவாதே
 செல்லும்வாய் எல்லாம் செயல்."  [கு. 33]

"Ollum vagaiyan aravinai ovaade
Sellum vaai ellaam seyal." [T. 33]

For your own good and for the welfare of the world, practice 5G's:
Hear GOOD; See GOOD; Think GOOD; Talk GOOD; Do GOOD.

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