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2017 0312 11  Homeopathic Cures:  Arnica, Apis-Mel

Arnica Montana
Dr James Tyler Kent writes about Arnica in his Materia Medica: "Arnica is very important remedy in injuries, bruises and shocks, injuries of joints, injury of the back with lameness and soreness. The black and blue appearance of sprained joints will go away in a surprisingly short time, the soreness will disappear and the patient will be able to manipulate that joint with surprising ease. A high potency of Arnica is most satisfactory in bruises, and when no decided contra-indication is present, Arnica is the first remedy."

One night, in utter darkness, I fell into a coal pit on a railway track*. On examining myself at home, as to the after effects of falling into a coaI pit, I found that there were a few abrasions and contusions; and severe bruised pain throughout the body. I took ARNICA 1M one dose internally and applied CALENDULA mother tincture to the abraded parts. I became normal in two days time.  

[Remember Arnica for internal contusions, soreness and bruised pain after injuries and Calendula for all open wounds and abrasions.]

Arnica patient is extremely sensitive, his joints are sore and tender, and he is afraid they will be hurt. Hence he will say, "Keep away, keep away."

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Honey Bees
Once I was bitten by not one or two but a swarm of bees when a bee hive was disturbed by some miscreants who ran away.* 

The angry bees landed on my face and head and stung at about two dozen places.  I also ran away from the scene, wrenching out the bees one by one while running. 

Regaining composure after about ten minutes, I managed to reach my home about 2km away, by bicycle. 

Once at home, I took a basin of water, poured about 5ml of APIS MEL mother tincture in it, and smeared my face and head with that medicated water repeatedly.  I also took APIS MEL 30 internally.  The bumps on my head and the swelling on my face and the stinging pain subsided in slow degrees and I was normal the  next day. 

For bee and wasp stings, the remedy is Apis Mel which is prepared from the venom of honey bees. Apis Mel is a great remedy for all inflammatory complaints of the eyes. Inflammations that are erysipelatous in character. Enlarged blood vessels. Oedema of the whole face.

*See comment 1 for the context.



  1. The Arnica incident happened somewhere in the early 1970's. I was proceeding from Karaikkudi to Kancheepuram for Pongal holidays in the Rameswarm-Chennai Passenger. The train used to stop at Thiruchirappalli Junction for about 30 minutes. The time was around 4 am. Crossing a number of loop lines beyond the last platform, I could reach the Kallukuzhi Railway Colony in 5 minutes where my maternal grand uncle {Senior Controller, Thiruchi Division} lived. Here I used to go, take bath in fresh warm water, return in 15 minutes, and board the same train! That day also, I did go but fell down into a coal pit while crossing the railway tracks. When I came to myself in a few minutes in the utter darkness, I groped and realized where I was in a coal pit. Regaining composure, I slowly came out of the steps at the end of the pit, came back to the platform and boarded the same train. I was sore, but managed to get down at Chengalpattu and reached Kanceepuram by bus. Once at home, I examined my own case.

    The Apis Mel incident happened in the early 1980's. There was a big bee-hive under the clock tower of the Administrative Block of AC College of Engineeing & Technology where I was working as Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering. University Examinations were going on. I was the acting Chief Superintendent. It was 5:30pm. After safely keeping the sealed answer paper bundles in the Principal’s Chamber, I was coming out. A minute earlier some miscreants had disturbed the bee-hive and had run away. An angry swarm of bees landed on me, who happened to be there at that time!

  2. This posting is in first person. This is much more appealing than the list of facts and principles.