Sunday 8 March 2015


2015-10 John Constable: Romantic Landscape Painter

John Constable [1776-1837]
One of the best English painters of the 19th century and a major contributor to English landscape painting, John Constable [1776-1837] ranks - along with William Turner [1775-1851] and Richard Parkes Bonington [1802-28] - as one of the three best landscape artists in Britain.

John Constable's focus was on the natural English landscape that he idolized since childhood. His paintings rebelled against the work of artists of the Neoclassical style who had simply used landscape to display historical and mythical scenes. 

Constable used his work to showcase the beauty and power of nature and his work is today synonymous with the Suffolk landscape and the Romantic Movement he embodied.

The artist's most famous works are all based on the Suffolk countryside with which he was so enamored. His techniques and methods of capturing natural light and movement were innovative and still inspire artists to this day. Now referred to by many as 'Constable Country' this county in the south of England will forever be associated with the artist and is thought by many to be the epitome of classical English countryside.

John Constable: Wivenhoe Park [1816]

John Constable: The Hay Wain [1821]

John Constable's Complete Works: [Click Here]

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